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One of my favorite plugins is Context Widget.

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Embedding A Google Calendar

In some cases you may want to make a calendar public and display it on your site or blog. A great way to do this is by embedding Google Calendar. It is really easy and simple to do. First, sign into Google and click on calendar. Create a calendar and name it what ever you […]

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Making the transition to WordPress can be one of the most important changes with your blog. WordPress has the flexibility to do almost whatever you want to do with it. I, myself, made the switch in December. It can be a scary process when doing it yourself. I do offer switching from Blogger to WordPress. […]

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There are many contact forms available for WordPress. I love contact forms that break the mold and let you add custom fields. Not everyone wants only a name, email, and message. Sometimes you want additional information. With these forms you can add elements like drop down lists, radio buttons, check boxes and more. 1. Wufoo […]