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Media kits let those who want to advertise with you know who you are, what you are about, your associations, and your pricing. I can help you compile a professional media kit for you blog. This is the key to monetizing your blog. Your media kit is the document you can send to PR and marketing reps, potential advertisers or vendors, and anyone else who may be interested in working with you. It’s your opportunity to tell people why they should work with you.

What should be included in your media kit?

  • A short description of your blog.
  • Where you are active in social media. (i.e. Twitter, Facebook)
  • Demographics of your readers.
  • Your associations to show influence.
  • Your stats. (be honest).
  • What services you offer and pricing.
  • Forms of payment.
  • Contact information.

With this information, I will prepare an appealing media kit that you can be proud of. I convert the document to PDF format if requested or I can leave it in Microsoft Word format.

The price of a media kit is $25. If you are interested request a quote and we can get working on your new face to advertisers.

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