Embedding A Google Calendar
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Embedding A Google Calendar

In some cases you may want to make a calendar public and display it on your site or blog. A great way to do this is by embedding Google Calendar. It is really easy and simple to do.

  1. First, sign into Google and click on calendar.
  2. Create a calendar and name it what ever you like
  3. On the sidebar select the calendar you wish to embed and click the drop down arrow. Click on settings in the options.
  4. When the settings page loads scroll down to “embed this calendar”. There will be a code to the right. Copy that code and paste it into a page or post where you would like for the calendar to display.


Now when you create an event or schedule something, it will be updated on your site. I actually sync my calendar with Thunderbird and Sunbird so I never really need to log into Google to add my events.

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